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We are a company that provides translation services for ebook authors from English to Brazilian Portuguese. We translate all kinds of subjects. We want to provide our customers with high quality translations. Being the review our utmost attention to detail. 

We charge per translated word, only USD 0.01cents.

Go to "What We Offer" and see how it works.

*Check out our gallery of ebooks, translated by Mog Translation. 

Note: We do not translate to other languages. Only for Brazilian Portuguese.

What do we offer

                     Go to the menu and click on our gallery of ebooks translated by Mog Translation

First Service

  • The customer sends his ebook to our team to evaluate the number of words and the time of delivery. The customer accepting the translation of the first 10 pages, we will continue to translate.

Second Service

We will send the first 10 pages for the customer to analyze the translation. The customer agreeing with the translation we will continue the complete translation of the ebook.

Third service

After the translation is complete, we will send an email to the customer. The customer must make the deposit through the Paypal. Once the deposit confirmation is received, we will send the complete translation by Email.


*Ebook with: 10,000 words.

*10,000 words X USD 0.01 cents per word = only USD 100.

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Ebooks Translations Specialists

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